North Carolina Gourd Society

NCGS Presents The 79th Annual NC Gourd Arts and Crafts Festival

Saturday Nov. 6th, 2021 9am - 5pm & Sunday Nov. 7th, 2021 10am - 4pm

NC State Fairgrounds - Holshouser Bldg.

Admission $3 - NCGS and Kids under 13 free!

Class Registration: is now open!
Walk-in Registration: Will be at the festival for classes that are not full.

Class registration is first come, first served. This year, students will be able to register and pay online.
For any registration questions email the festival committee at

Please note: You are not officially registered for a class until payment is received. Every effort will be made
to promptly indicate when a class is full. In the event that a student pays for a class that has just filled,
the money will be refunded, and that student will be notified by email. If classes do not meet
the minimum student requirement by October 1st, they may be canceled, the students notified
and the registration money refunded. If paying by check, please mail by September 30, 2019.

Jeanette Egan

Jeanette Egan is a woodburning artist based in Coleridge, NC who creates wood burned art that inspires and brings a smile. Jeanette has two technical degrees from Cape Fear Community College and a BA degree from South University. Fox 8 News featured her in March of 2019 and March of 2021.  She has taught workshops at Brightside Gallery in Asheboro as well as Crafts and Drafts in Durham. You can find her art sold at various shops throughout North Carolina

Debbie Wilson

Retired Greenville County Art teacher; basket weaver and gourd artist for last 20 years. Likes to experiment with different materials.  Teaches presently at several gourd and basket retreats and is an active member of The Upper SC Basket Makers Guild, Delores Von Rosen Basket Guild, SC Gourd Society, Travelers Rest Artist Alliance, American Gourd Society, The Wild Hare Gallery, Holly Springs School of Mountain Arts.  Recently certified as a judge with the American Gourd Society, I have juried into several local shows, including the Anderson Arts Center, Art On Main and The South Carolina Professional Fine Arts Show. I have taught at Furman University continuing education community classes and OLLI classes, NCBA, SC Weave- in Conventions, Weaving in the Sunshine State, and several Gourd Gathering and Basket Weaving Conventions along the east coast.


Susan Davis

Hello, My name is Susan Davis.  Friends call me Susie. Gourd art is my passion. I have been working with gourds 40 years.  My fist gourd show was in Mt Gilead, Ohio. I was so excited! I dropped my trailer off my rig and bob tailed in at 6 am. The very first person I met was Jim Story. He was so amazed at seeing a woman driving a truck I had to give him a ride. We became great friends, and the love of gourds just grew between us. He showed me how to green clean the gourd to get the lighter colors, and he introduced me to the family of gourd lovers. They just took me in to their gourd world where my love of gourds grew and grew till this day. My wood burning began after a class with Joe Lee. A person learns this and that making it your own art.  I have loved art my whole life. I started teaching gourd art in 1981, mostly with friends who wanted to learn. I started doing art shows then in 2001 I opened my gourd shop in Asheville Farmers Market. After losing my husband a year ago I went back to doing art shows, and teaching gourd classes. I love seeing students’ eyes light up when they finish their first gourd. You plant one small seed and it grows into a world all its own.


Cara Bevan

Cara Bevan is a self-taught artist from Trinity, NC. She's been creating art professionally since 2007. Her specialties are realistic acrylic paintings and gourd sculptures of animals. She focuses on details and refined techniques learned through her years of experimenting, combining gourds, wire, and various clays together to create complex creatures. Her work has been in gallery and museum exhibits across the US and sold worldwide online. You can see her work at her website She's also the Mountain Gourd Gathering planner and website manager.


Bob and Sherry Briscoe

Sherry has been crafting gourds since 2002; and her husband, Bob joined in that endeavor a couple of years later. The couple has traveled all over the country teaching, vending, and demonstrating. Her wide range of passions involve wood burning, painting, coiling, tenerif,  kumihimo, weaving, lacing, carving, and more! Sherry and Bob both run the Giraffes Laffs Art and Craft booth at the Mountain Gourd Gathering.



Robyn Goode

Robyn Goode has been doing art for over 30 years and has a background in fine art. She discovered gourds in 2010 when she went looking for a new media to work with.  She has won many ribbons for her work and is a part of the N.C. Society and American Gourd Society. Robyn teaches gourd art at various festivals and events in NC. She sells her gourd art and fine art at various shows and venues. The joy of meeting people and teaching different techniques is one of her favorite things to do. Robyn is also a Mountain Gourd Gathering planner and organizer.


Ana Poma

I am Ana Poma of Peruvian nationality.  During my childhood I saw my grandfather and my mother work, and I learned how to create gourd art.  Many members of my family continue to carve and burn gourds.  For many, this is their source of income .  I am pleased to share my knowledge of Peruvian gourd art with you.


Susan Pekala

Gourd Artist & Teacher since 2006

I love working with gourds because not only do I get to start with a naturally beautiful canvas, but the techniques I can employ are endless.  I especially love teaching gourd project classes because I get to share my love of gourds with both newcomers, as well as veteran artists



Suzi Nonn

Susan (Suzi) Nonn, artisan and author, has worked with gourds for more than twenty years, and through her classes and coaching, encourages others to try gourd crafting. Suzi teaches gourd workshops at gourd festivals across the United States. Nonn is also the author of Cut-Out Gourd Techniques, a book written to help gourd artists to improve their skills with the mini-saw. Her second book, Gourd Lights: How to Make 9 Beautiful Lamp and Lantern Projects was released in fall 2017. When not teaching, she can be found in her studio/garage enhancing gourds.


Susan Tesreau

Susan Tesreau is a painter and sculptor based in Broadway, North Carolina. She received her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She is published in several magazines and has won several blue ribbons from fairs and festivals in NC.
Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I love trying new things, and gourds have given me the perfect base for my art. I can mix my love of painting and design with my love of sculpture and create great works of art. Gourds make the perfect armature, as well as wonderful painting surfaces. They allow me to explore 3d art in new and exciting ways. The gourd sometimes knows what it wants to become; I just have to listen!  


Altan Erginkoc

I am a Construction Project Manager and have been working on gourd for about five years. I was inspired by gourd lamps made for artists from Turkey and Japan. My Gourd lamps are made from different regions around the world. Every gourd is created unique by nature, it is impossible to make an exact replica. I only used natural gourd and transform it into lampshades. The thicker the gourd, the better the artwork and durability. I intended to bring a more sustainable and environmentally lampshade to the living spaces instead of plastic. It is my hope that I can share these ideas with you to joyously transport you and living space just for a moment.