North Carolina Gourd Society

Join the North Carolina Gourd Society!

Begin or renew your membership in the NC Gourd Society, Alpha Chapter of the American Gourd Society, by sending a check through the mail or by paying online (see below). Membership is $12 per year and includes four NC Gourd Society newsletters and free admission to the fabulous NC Gourd Arts and Crafts Festival held each November. Members can also get free gourd seeds at our spring quarterly meeting, find friends with similar gourdly interests, and get tips on gourd growing and crafting.

You may pay $12 for 12 months of membership, $24 for 24 months, etc. If you are renewing your membership we will extend your membership for 12 months (or more) past your existing expiration date. If you have questions about membership, your expiration date, or related issues contact

To pay by mail: contact

Include your name, address, phone number, and email address. Sending our newsletter to you via email saves the NCGS on printing and postage, plus you get the newsletter in full color. If you prefer to receive a black & white copy of the newsletter in the mail, just let us know.

To pay online: click on the "Pay Now" button below and follow the directions. Leave the "Quantity" at 1 if you want to sign up or renew for 12 months. To sign up for 24 months, change the quantity to 2, etc. Your name, address, phone number, and email address will be sent to us along wth the notification of your payment amount.

THANK YOU!! and WELCOME! to the NC Gourd Society!